caco-, cac-, kako-, kak-

(Greek: bad, harsh, wrong, evil; incorrect; unpleasant; poor; used most of the time as a prefix)

cacorhythmic (adjective), more cacorhythmic, most cacorhythmic
In bad rhythm; also formerly applied to an irregular or disorderly pulse.
cacorrhaphiaphobia (s) (noun), cacorrhaphiaphobias (pl)
An abnormal or excessive fear of failure or a dread of bad planning: Before Jane would go with Sam on their trip to Canada from California, she had cacorrhaphiaphobia that he would not make sure that his plans would make their trip successful.

When going to medical clinics for treatment, some patients have cacorrhaphiaphobias which are very intense and cause them to change their minds about doing anything at all.

cacorrhinia (s) (noun), cacorrhinias (pl)
Having a badly shaped nose.
cacosmia, kakosmia (s) (noun); cacosmias, kakosmias (pl)
1. An unpleasant odor: "A kakosmis is a very bad or a stinking smell."
2. A subjective perception of a disagreeable odor: "Some cacosmias are perceptions of bad odors when they do not really exist."
cacosomnia (s) (noun), cacosomnias (pl)
1. Sleeplessness; unable to sleep; bad sleeping conditions: Jim couldn't sleep at all anymore. His cacosomnia was caused by constant nightmares about his experiences during the war.
2. Etymology: from Greek kakos, "bad" + Latin somnus, -somnia, "sleep".
cacospectamania (s) (noun), cacospectamanias (pl)
An obsession to stare at something which is repulsive or vulgar: "After finding some animal protection information leaflet, Duncan couldn't take his eyes off the ugly pictures of animals being mistreated and slaughtered. It was certainly a case of cacospectamiania, being so absolutely engrossed in these pictures."
cacosphyxy (s) (noun), cacosphyxies (pl)
A bad or irregular condition of the pulse.
cacosthenics (plural used as a singular) (noun)
A condition of weakness; lacking physical strength.
cacosyntheton, cacosintheton (s) (noun); cacosynthetons, cacosinthetons (pl)
The improper placing of words, as when an adjective improperly follows a noun or when there is any other unpleasing order of words.
cacotechny (s) (noun), cacotechnies (pl)
Bad art; a mischievous or harmful art.
cacothanasia (s) (noun), cacothanasias (pl)
A bad, harsh, or terrible death.
cacothesis (s) (noun), cacotheses (pl)
A bad or faulty position of any part of the body.
cacothymia (s) (noun), cacothymias (pl)
Any mental condition that is lacking any morals.
cacotopia (s) (noun), cacotopias (pl)
1. A bad place.
2. A situation at a certain place in which everything is as bad as it can be.
cacotrophy, kakotrophy (s) (noun); cacotrophies, kakotrophies (pl)
Imperfect or disordered nutrition.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "bad, wrong": dys-; mal-; mis-; pessim-; sceler-.