caco-, cac-, kako-, kak-

(Greek: bad, harsh, wrong, evil; incorrect; unpleasant; poor; used most of the time as a prefix)

cacorrhinia (s) (noun), cacorrhinias (pl)
Having a badly shaped nose.
cacosmia, kakosmia (s) (noun); cacosmias, kakosmias (pl)
1. An unpleasant odor: "A kakosmis is a very bad or a stinking smell."
2. A subjective perception of a disagreeable odor: "Some cacosmias are perceptions of bad odors when they do not really exist."
cacosomnia (s) (noun), cacosomnias (pl)
1. Sleeplessness; unable to sleep; bad sleeping conditions: Jim couldn't sleep at all anymore. His cacosomnia was caused by constant nightmares about his experiences during the war.
2. Etymology: from Greek kakos, "bad" + Latin somnus, -somnia, "sleep".
cacospectamania (s) (noun), cacospectamanias (pl)
An obsession to stare at something which is repulsive or vulgar: "After finding some animal protection information leaflet, Duncan couldn't take his eyes off the ugly pictures of animals being mistreated and slaughtered. It was certainly a case of cacospectamiania, being so absolutely engrossed in these pictures."
cacosphyxy (s) (noun), cacosphyxies (pl)
A bad or irregular condition of the pulse.
cacosthenics (plural used as a singular) (noun)
A condition of weakness; lacking physical strength.
cacosyntheton, cacosintheton (s) (noun); cacosynthetons, cacosinthetons (pl)
The improper placing of words, as when an adjective improperly follows a noun or when there is any other unpleasing order of words.
cacotechny (s) (noun), cacotechnies (pl)
Bad art; a mischievous or harmful art.
cacothanasia (s) (noun), cacothanasias (pl)
A bad, harsh, or terrible death.
cacothesis (s) (noun), cacotheses (pl)
A bad or faulty position of any part of the body.
cacothymia (s) (noun), cacothymias (pl)
Any mental condition that is lacking any morals.
cacotopia (s) (noun), cacotopias (pl)
1. A bad place.
2. A situation at a certain place in which everything is as bad as it can be.
cacotrophy, kakotrophy (s) (noun); cacotrophies, kakotrophies (pl)
Imperfect or disordered nutrition.
cacotropia (s) (noun), cacotropias (pl)
A situation in which a person has bad habits.
cacotype (s) (noun), cacotypes (pl)
A faulty or imperfect description produced in print.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "bad, wrong": dys-; mal-; mis-; pessim-; sceler-.