brevi-, brev- [brie-, bri-] +

(Latin: short; shorten, make shorter, shortened)

briefcase (s) (noun), briefcases (pl)
A flat case which is used for carrying papers or books: "She had two briefcases, one for her university classes and another one for her job."
briefing (s) (noun), briefings (pl)
1. Giving information or instructions relating to a particular situation or information of this kind.
2. Conveying information at a meeting that is held to provide information about the main facts of an issue or situation.
briefly (adverb)
1. In a way or form that occupies a short time; in few words, shortly, concisely, tersely: "There are more important issues which were briefly mentioned."
2. Within a short time (measured either backward or forward); soon: "They were briefly considering canceling the trip."
briefness (s) (noun)
Shortness in speech or writing; conciseness.
debrief (verb), debriefs; debriefed; debriefing
1. To interrogate (a soldier, astronaut, diplomat, etc.) when he or she returns from a mission in order to assess the conduct and results of the mission.
2. To question formally and systematically in order to obtain useful intelligence or information: Political and economic experts routinely debrief important defectors about conditions in their home country.
3. To instruct people as to the prohibitions against revealing or discussing classified information; for example, when they separate from a position of military or political sensitivity or after employment has come to an end.
4. In psychology, after an experiment to disclose to the person the purpose of the endeavor and to provide any reasons for deceptions or manipulations.
debriefing (s) (noun), debriefings (pl)
The act or process of getting information from someone who has just finished an important project: The supervisor of the agent was getting a debriefing regarding the details as to how the assignment was completed.
unabbreviated (adjective)
Something that has not been cut short or which is not abridged.
unabridged (adjective)
Not abridged, reduced, or shortened; the complete or full version. In modern use, specifically of literary works: "Technically, any dictionary; even a child's elementary dictionary, is an unabridged dictionary if it has never been abridged, that is cut down from a larger into a briefer edition."
vasa breve (s) (noun), vasa brevia (pl),
The short gastric arteries.
Vita brevis, longa ars.
Life is short, art is long.

It is also often quoted as Ars longa, vita brevis.