atmido-, atmid- +

(Greek: smoke, vapor, steam; from amis, atmidos, "smoke, vapor")

1. An instrument for measuring the evaporation from water, ice, or snow.
2. An atmometer (an instrument for measuring the rate of the evaporating power of the air).
atmidometric (adjective), more atmidometric, most atmidometric
A reference to the rate at which water is decreased measured; usually, into the atmosphere by a special device: "An atmidometric instrument is used to determine the amount of evaporation of a moist surface that takes place in a given time."
1. The science of measuring the rate and amount of evaporation of water.
2. Measurement of evaporation, as with an atmometer.
atmometer, atmidometer, evaporation gage, evaporimeter
1. An instrument that measures the rate at which water evaporates into the air.
2. The general name for an instrument which measures the evaporation rate of water into the atmosphere.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units dealing with "smoke, smoking": capno; Capnomania & Fumimania, Pt. 1; Capnophobia & Fumiphobia, Pt. 1; fumi-; nebula-; typho-.