-agogic-, -agogue, -agog, -agogic, -agoguery, -agogy

(Greek: usually a suffix meaning: lead, leading, leading forth, guide, guiding; bring, take; promoting, stimulating)

gerontagogy (s) (noun), gerontagogies (pl)
A recently coined term that refers to the education of the elderly: Since Judy liked older people and was interested in education, she decided to learn more about gerontagogy and the different instructional and educative programs available for the older generation.
haemagogic, hemagogic, hemagogic (adjective) (not comparable)
Referring to a substance that promotes the flow of blood: The hemagogue drug that Susan took to control her menstruation worked quite well and she was again back to her normal cycle.
haemagogue, hemagogue (s) (noun); haemagogues; hemagogues (pl)
A substance or drug that promotes a flow of blood: Since Judy's period hadn't started yet, she asked her doctor who said that a haemagogue would be good to take in order to trigger her menstruation.
helminthagogue (s) (noun), helminthagogues (pl)
A vermitage to expel intestinal worms; anthelmintic: Lynn's cat had to take some helminthagogues, a medicine which would cause the worms to be discharged from its body.

Helminthagogues or helminthic medicines drive out worms, or cause them to be destroyed.

holagogue (s) (noun), holagogues (pl)
A medicine reputed to expel all morbid humors: Jeff decided to buy some holagogues to get rid of his bad temper and gloomy, brooding, and pessimistic frame of mind.
hydragogic (adjective), more hydragogic, most hydragogic
In medicine, regarding something that has the property of removing accumulations of water or serum, or of causing watery evacuations: Jim had to drink a hydragogic liquid prescribed by his doctor to reduce or even eliminate the bladder pains he was having.
hydragogue (s) (noun), hydragogues (pl)
An agent or substance that produces a discharge of watery fluid: A hydragogue can be of a cathartic nature and aids in the removal of edematous fluids such as saline cathartics.

Hydragogues can cause watery discharge, especially watery stools.

hypnagogia (s) (noun) (no pl)
The transitional state, related to the hypnoidal, just preceding sleep: In class Judy learned about hypnagogia as being the condition between wakefulness and sleep.

Hypnagogia is also applied to various hallucinations that may manifest themselves at that time.

hypnagogic, hypnogogic (adjective); more hypnagogic, most hypnagogic; more hypnogogic , most hypnogogic
1. Regarding a substance or something that induces sleep; soporific: Dr. Tall suggested that Carol take some hypnagogic medication in order for her to slumber through the night.
2. Concerning the condition just preceding sleep: A hypnagogic condition can produce images or dreams that are perceived during the transition between the waking state and sleep.
hypnagogue (s) (noun), hypnagogues (pl)
A hypnotic agent that induces sleep: Jack had problems with getting to sleep and sleeping through the night, so his doctor gave him a prescription for hypnagogue which should give him a good night's sleep!

A hypnagogue can be any agent causing sleepiness or drowsiness, like an uninteresting book or a boring movie!

hypnapagogic (adjective), more hypnapagogic, most hypnapagogic
1. Relating to the time of drowsiness just before going to sleep: Jane fell into a hypnapagogic state preceding her night's sleep.
2. In psychology, pertaining to hallucinations or dreams that occur just before the loss of consciousness: In class: Susan learned about hypnapagogic conditions with images passing by in one's mind and occurring before slumber sets in.
3. Denoting a condition similar to the hypnagogic through which the mind passes when coming out of sleep: Hypnapagogic situations also relate to hallucinations experienced at such times prior to the state of being asleep.
isagoge (s) (noun), isagoges (pl)
1. An introductory to any branch of academic study; preface; prologue: An iiIsagoge is a scholastic preface to a specialized field of research.
2. Introductory studies, especially that department of theology that is introductory to exegesis: An isagoge is also concerned with the literary and external history of the books of the Bible.
lactagogue, lactagog (s) (noun); lactagogues; lactagogs (pl))
A substance used to produce a flow of milk; a galactagogue: Beth asked her gynaecologist about lactagogue which she had heard about inducing lactation and if it would be important for her after giving birth to her child.
lithagogue (s) (noun), lithagogues (pl)
A substance capable of expelling calculi (“stones”) from the kidneys or bladder: When Dick had a medical examination, his doctor diagnosed calculous matter in his bladder and gave him some lithagogues to clear out the stony concretions that had formed. .
lymphagogue (s) (noun), lymphagogues (pl)
An agent that increases the formation and flow of lymph: In her textbook, Kitty read that lymphagogue was necessary in certain cases when the lymph production, formation, or flow was not functioning properly in order to protect a person's body from illnesses and infections.

Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "master, lead, leading, ruler, ruling, govern": agon-; arch-; -crat; dom-; gov-; magist-; poten-; regi-; tyran-.