adipo-, adip-, adipos-

(Latin: fat, fatty; lard; of or pertaining to fat; fleshy)

adeps (s) (noun), adepes (pl)
1. Fat or adipose tissue: Adeps can be seen as an excess of body flesh, causing obesity, and hanging downward from the abdomen which can be seen mostly in men, also referred to as a "beer belly".
2. The rendered fat of swine: In order to prepare the ointment for the customer in the pharmacy, Janet had to use adeps, or lard.
adipal (adjective), more adipal, most adipal
1. Referring to the condition of being fat; fatty: The bacon Jane wanted to prepare for breakfast was quite adipal and greasy, and had to be fried first before serving with scrambled eggs.
2. Concerning being chubby; adipose: During her teenage years, Jenny seemed to have an adipal figure, so she decided to diet in order not to become even fatter!
adipate (s) (noun), adipates (pl)
The ionized form of adipic acid which is an organic compound that is a substance formed with the chemical union of two or more elements or ingredients in definite proportion by weight: As food additives, adipates are used as acidity regulators, such as sodium adipate and potassium adipate.
adipectomy (s) (noun), adipectomies (pl)
The excision of a mass of subcutaneous adipose (fat) tissue: Adipectomy is usually the removal of a large amount of fat as from the abdominal wall, and normally the method of lipectomy is used with a suction device.
adipescent (adjective), more adipescent, most adipescent
Regarding a person or animal acquiring fatty deposits: Wendy had to be sure not to become adipescent because she wanted to take part in the upcoming fashion show.
adipic (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to the nature of fat; fatty: Adipic fat is present in the cells of the adipose tissues of an obese person.

Adipic Functions

The dermis is separated from the underlying sturctures by a layer of loose connective tissue and adipose tissue consisting of cells in which adipic material is stored in the form of globules (subcutaneous lipids).

Adipose also acts as an insulating layer that reduces loss of heat from the body, besides having a mechanical protective effect (cushioning).

Book of the Body, The Way Things Work
Simon and Schuster; New York; 1973; page 404.

adipocele (s) (noun), adipoceles (pl)
A hernia containing only fat inside the hernial sac; lipscele: An adipocere is an old-fashioned term regarding the presence of fatty tissue in the hernia, protrusion, or rupture.
adipocellular (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to both fatty and cellular tissues: The students were asked to explain dipocellular connective tissue and the numerous adipose cells in their exam in biology.
adipocellulose (s) (noun) (no pl)
In biochemistry, cellulose with a large amount of suberin: Adipocellulose is found in the tissues of the walls of cork and of similar plants (suberin is a waxy substance developed in a thickened cell wall).
adipocerate (verb), adipocerates; adipocerated; adipocerating
To convert into adipocere: When an animal dies, nature adipocerates the living tissues of that animal into waxy and fatty substances when it comes in contact with moisture, like in the moist ground.
adipoceration (s) (noun) (no pl)
The process of transforming or changing into adipocere: In his biology class, Jim learned that adipoceration applied to the alteration of living tissues in organisms into a greyish, white fatty substance when the organism dies and is in contact with dampness, as in moist soil.
adipoceratous (adjective), more adioceratous, most adioceratous
Relating to adipocere; lipoceratous: After three months or searching, the missing man was found in a river and the corpse was proved to be adiopoceratous and not easily recognisable-.
adipocere (s) (noun), adipoceres (pl)
A fatty substance of waxy consistency into which dead animal tissues (as those of a corpse) are sometimes converted when kept from the air under certain favorable conditions of temperature; grave wax; lipocere; corpse; grave fat: Adipocere is described as a grayish white fatty or saponaceous substance spontaneously generated in dead bodies buried in moist places or submerged in water.
adipoceriform (adjective), more adipoceriform, most adipoceriform
Concerning something having the form or appearance of adipocere: The tumor Dr. Lawson surgically removed from the patient had an adipoceriform consistency and color.
adipocerous (adjective), more adipocerous, most adipocerous
Of the nature of adipocere: During the operation, Dr. Thompson found some tissue that had an adipocerous appearance which perhaps even contained such adipocerous tissue.

Other related units of fat words: lard; lipo-; obeso-; oleo-; omento-; pimelo-; pio-; sebo-; steato-.