-ation, -ization (-iz[e] + -ation); -isation (British spelling variation)

(Greek > Latin: a suffix; action, act, process, state, or condition; or result of doing something)

Although there are over 1,450 word entries ending with -ation or -ization listed in this unit, there are certainly many more which exist in the English language. At any rate, this unit provides a significant number of -ation and -ization examples for you to see.

renovation (s) (noun), renovations (pl)
1. The act of improving by renewing and restoring.
2. The state of having something restored to its former good condition.
renunciation (s) (noun), renunciations (pl)
An act of surrendering or giving up an activity; especially, a harmful one: Hank's determined renunciation of a lifelong habit of smoking was praised by his family.
repalliation (s) (noun), repalliations (pl)
Cloaking or covering up again.
reparation (s) (noun), reparations (pl)
1. A making of a payment for some wrong a person has done by supplying money to or otherwise helping someone who has been harmed in some way: The judge required a convicted offender to make financial reparation to his victim.

There is no reparation George can make for breaking the priceless statue that he accidently bumped into at the museum.

2. The renewal of friendship or reconciliation: Mary's apology was the first step in the reparation of her relations with her sister.
3. The compensation for war damages that is produced by a defeated country: Reparations had to be paid because of the damage, injuries, deaths, etc. that were caused by the country that lost the war.
Return or restoration to one’s own country.
1. The act of repeopling>
2. The act of furnishing with a new population.
1. Severe disapproval; disreputabl.
2. Strong condemnation or disapproval of somebody or something.
1. A second publication, or a new publication of something before published; the act of publishing again.
2. Something that has been published again; a fresh publication (as of a literary work).
repudiation (s) (noun), repudiations (pl)
1. The refusal to accept or to support something or to reject anything or someone: As a senator, Hank's statements are a repudiation of the government's policies.
2. Public authorities who will not acknowledge the legality of payments for a contract or public debt when they consider it wrong: The repudiations for the cost of the new city street in front of city hall have been delayed until authorities have fully determined if the charges are valid.
reputation (s) (noun), reputations (pl)
1. The condition, quality, or fact, of being highly regarded or esteemed; credit, note, or distinction; also, respectability.
2. The general estimation, or regard, that the public has for a person.
3. The state of being held in high esteem and honor by others.
4. The generally accepted estimation of someone, or something, as having particular qualities or attributes.
5. A favorable and publicly recognized name or standing for merit, achievement, reliability, etc.