(Latin: suffix; able manner, capably)

Forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives in -able.

ably (adverb), more ably, most ably
Very skillfully and very well; in a competent way: "The carpenter was ably assisted by two helpers."
acceptably (adverb), more acceptably, most acceptably
accountably (adjective)
1. Descriptive of being liable or being called to account; answerable.
2. A reference to that which can be explained; such as, an accountable phenomenon.
adaptably (adverb); more adaptably, most adaptably
A reference to how something or someone can fit different conditions or situations: The movie that George was producing consisted of his effort to adaptably prepare one that would have greater interest for viewers when they went to see it in theaters.

admirably (adverb), more admirably, most admirably
1. In a manner to excite wonder, mingled with approbation (favorable opinion), esteem (high regard), or veneration: Marian took care of the complicated situation admirably.
2. A reference to someone deserving the highest regard and loyalty: Sally's father admirably supported his family by working at two jobs.
1. In an adorable manner; that is, worthy of being adored.
2. Characterized by being extremely charming.
advisably (adverb), more advisably, most advisably
Wisely, in a prudent manner.
affably (adverb), more affably, most affably
In a manner indicating willingness to converse courteously and in a friendly way: "Sadie greeted her new neighbors affably as she welcomed them to her community."
agreeably (adverb), more agreeably, most agreeably
With enjoyment and pleasure: Stacey's parents were agreeably pleased to see that she was feeling so good after her illness.
amiably (adverb), more amiably, mostamiably
Friendly and agreeable in disposition; good-natured and likeable.
amicably (adverb), more amicably, most amicably
appeasably (adverb)
1. Descriptive of bringing peace, quiet, or calm to; to soothe: "Ralph's appeasably calm approach made it easier to help the accident victims."
2. A reference to satisfying or relieving: "She tried to utilize the appeasably cool bottle of water to satisfy her thirst."
3. About pacifying, or attempting to pacify (an enemy), by granting concessions, often at the expense of principles.
applaudable (adjective), more applaudable, most applaudable
1. A reference to being worthy of high praise.
2. Descriptive of deserving commendations or approval.