(Latin: a suffix; expressing capacity, fitness to do that which can be handled or managed, suitable skills to accomplish something; capable of being done, something which can be finished, etc.)

A suffix that forms adjectives. The suffix -ible has related meanings; expressing ability, capacity, fitness; capable of, fit for, able to be done, can be done, inclined to, tending to, given to.

This list is only a small sample of the thousands of -able words that exist in English.

operable, operability
1. A situation in which an operation is possible; such as, an operable machine.
2. The possibility of putting something into practice; practicable: an operable plan.
3. Treatable by surgical operation with a reasonable degree of safety and chance of success; an operable cancer.
Capable of having an opinion or thought about something or someone.
ordainable (adjective), more ordainable, most ordainable
Descriptive of someone who is worthy of being initiated or sworn into a clerical role within a religious organization: Although both candidates for the ministerial position were ordainable, the committee decided to vote for Robert Kale as the more ordainable because, among other qualifications, he had more community service experience.
oxobiodegradable, oxo-biodegradable
Unlike "normal" plastics, that degrade and disintegrate very slowly, oxo-biodegradable plastics are manufactured to accelerate the destruction of the plastic product, preferably extending the destruction to the extent where the plastic is mineralized into its basic component elements.

Plastic bags which are oxo-biodegradable retain all of the advantages of normal plastic bags; however, they provide effective solutions to the compost and landfill industries with minimal disruption of consumer behavioral patterns.

pacifiable (adjective)
1. That which can be restored to a tranquil or peaceful state or condition.
2. Capable of being reduced to a submissive state.
1. Acceptable or agreeable to the palate or taste; savory; such as, palatable food.
2. Having the characteristics of being acceptable to the mouth.

Palatable, appetizing, tasty, savory all refer to tastes or aromas pleasing to the palate and in some cases to the olfactory nerves.

Palatable has the least positive connotation of these terms, often referring to food that is merely acceptable and not especially good: a palatable, if undistinguished, main course; a barely palatable mixture of overcooked vegetables.

3. That which is acceptable or agreeable to the mind, sensibilities, or feelings: "He had some palatable ideas for our consideration and she had a palatable solution to the problem."
palpable (adjective), more palpable, most palpable
1. A reference to a situation that is mentally perceived, understood, or apparent; obvious: There is a palpable difference in the ages of the two brothers, one who is 10 years old and the other one who is 16.
2. In medicine, descriptive of something which can be felt with the fingers or hands: The palpable lump that was causing Herb's pain was diagnosed with the therapist's examination by using her medically trained hands.
3. Etymology: from Late Latin palpabilis, "that which may be touched or felt", from Latin palpare, "to touch gently, to stroke".
Obvious, plain, evident.
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Plainly or readily seen, heard, or perceived.
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An obvious lie.
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pardonable (adjective), more pardonable, most pardonable
Forgivable, excusable, not significantly important: "Please forgive Tammie's pardonable error in pronouncing your name because she was uncertain of the spelling."