(Latin: a suffix; expressing capacity, fitness to do that which can be handled or managed, suitable skills to accomplish something; capable of being done, something which can be finished, etc.)

A suffix that forms adjectives. The suffix -ible has related meanings; expressing ability, capacity, fitness; capable of, fit for, able to be done, can be done, inclined to, tending to, given to.

This list is only a small sample of the thousands of -able words that exist in English.

frustrable (adjective), more frustrable, most frustrable
1. Inclined to being discouraged or defeated: The frustrable efforts Jill made with raking the leaves were solved when she just quit the job that day!
2. Able to feel anger, discouragement, or exasperation: It was frustrable for Lynn who always tried her best at getting excellent grades in her German class and persistently receiving a "C" on her tests.
futurable (adjective), more futurable, most futurable
Capable of being in a time that is still coming; possibly or likely to occur: After graduating from her university and getting a wonderful futurable job offer, Marge and her parents were very happy.

gleanable (adjective), more gleanable, most gleanable
1. Pertaining to the ability to procure information or objects that have been obtained over a period of time, especially when they form a comprehensive whole: Henry has a large collection of gleanable tools that he has collected from flea markets and garage sales.
2. Relating to what is available and that can be picked over in search of relevant material: At the national library, Maxine found gleanable sources of materials for her research project which were not available at the university.
governable (adjective), more governable, most governable
Regarding the condition of being amenable to law or rule; controllable; manageable; obedient: The psychologist, Mr. Bean, told his patient that her actions would be governable after attending the training sessions offered.
habitable (adjective), more habitable, most habitable
Disposed to be lived in: After looking at the old vila and thinking about what would be necessary to renovate, the family decided that it would be habitable and a lovely place to be.
harmonizable (adjective), more harmonizable, most harmonizable
1. Capable of being coordinated, matched, or being consistent: The two colors of her outfit were harmonizable with each other and provided a perfect balance with her hat and shoes.
2. The ability to bring into accord or agreement: The two girls got along quite well with each other including harmonizable interests in reading books and exchanging them between each other.
hendecasyllable (s) (noun), hendecasyllables (pl)
A meter used in writing poetry in which there are eleven syllables for each line that is written: The hendecasyllable is a classical and quantitative meter which was used in Aeolic verse in Ancient Greece and, at a later time, by the Roman poets Catullus and Martial.
heritable (adjective), more heritable, most heritable
1. Capable of being transferred genetically from parent to offspring: Ginny's eyesight became worse as she grew older due to the heritable eye disorder her mother had.
2. Subject to being passed on by heirs-at-law: Jane's father did not make a will, and since she was his only relative still living, his heritable property was now in her possession.
hospitable (adjective), more hospitable, most hospitable
Generous and cordial or affectionate towards other people: Nadine was a very hospitable hostess and always welcomed all of her guests warmly and made them feel at home.
Treating strangers generously and warmly.
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hyperirritable (adjective), more hyperirritable, most hyperirritable
Excessively disposed to impatience, resentment or testiness: When Joe was very hungry, he became extremely hyperirritable and cross with his family.
identifiable (adjective), more identifiable, most identifiable
Subject to being discerned and named: Tom's mother wrote his name inside his jacket so it would be identifiable as his and not be mixed up with another student's jacket.
ignitable (adjective), more ignitable, most ignitable
Possible of an object being burned or set on fire: The matches Jack had in his pocket were dry, so they were ignitable and could light the candle on the table on the balcony.
illaudable (adjective), more illaudable, most illaudable
1. Not commendable; not praiseworthy: The illaudable work of the carpenter at the house had to be redone appropriately.
2. Worthy of censure or disapproval: The illaudable scores of the students' tests resulted in Mr. Strange, the teacher, being severely criticized for his inadequate teaching.
illimitable (adjective), more illimitable, most illimitable
Incapable of being restricted or bounded; endless; measureless: Many people believe in the the illimitable love of God.
imageable (adjective) (not comparable)
Subject to being depicted: Mandy thought of writing his ideas down which would represent imageable and tangible things.