Greek numerals: cardinal numbers followed by ordinal numbers

(Greek: enas to ena ekatommurio)

Figures won’t lie, but liars will figure.
—Charles H. Grosvenor

The following Greek numbers are essentially based on both classical and modern elements

enas (enas [m.], mia [fem.], ena [n.]): one; protos, first.

duo: two; duteros, second.

treis, tria: three; tritos, third.

tessereis, tessera: four; tetartos, fourth.

pente: five; pemptos, fifth.

exi: six; ektos, sixth.

epta, ephta: seven; ebdomos, seventh.

okto, ochto: eight; ogdoos, eighth.

ennea, ennia: nine; enatos, ninth.

deka, deca: ten; dekatos, tenth.

endeka: eleven; endekatos, eleventh.

dodeka: twelve; dodekatos, twelfth.

dekatreis, dekatria: thirteen; dekatos tritos, thirteenth.

dekatessereis, dekatessera: fourteen; dekatos tetartos, fourteenth.

dekapente: fifteen; dekatos pemptos, fifteenth.

dekaexi: sixteen; dekatos ektos, sixteenth.

dekaepta, dekaephta: seventeen; dekatos ebdomos, seventeenth.

dekaokto, dekaochto: eighteen; dekatos ogdoos, eighteenth.

dekaennia, dekaennea: nineteen; dekatos enatos, nineteenth.

eikosi: twenty; eikostos, twentieth.

eikosi ena: twenty-one; eikostos protos, twenty-first.

eikosi duo: twenty-two; eikostos deuteros, twenty-second.

eikosi ennea: twenty-nine; eikostos enatos, twenty-eighth.

trianta: thirty; triakostos, thirtieth.

saranta: forty; tesserakostos, fortieth.

penenta: fifty; pentekostos, fiftieth.

exenta: sixty; exakostos, sixtieth.

ebdomenta: seventy; ebdomekostos, seventieth.

ogdoenta, ogdonta: eighty; ogdoekostos, eightieth.

enenenta: ninety; enenekostos, ninetieth.
ekato(n): one hundred; ekatostos, hundredth.

ekaton enas: one hundred one; ekatostos protos, hundred first.

diakosia: two hundred; diakosiostos, two hundredth.

triakosia: three hundred; triakosiostos, three hundredth.

tetrakosia: four hundred; tetrakosiostos, four hundredth.

pentakosia: five hundred; pentakosiostos, five hundredth.

exakosia: six hundred; exakosiostos, six hundredth.

eptakosia, ephtakosia: seven hundred; eptakosiostos, seven hundredth.

oktakosia, ochtakosia: eight hundred; oktakosiostos, eight hundredth.

enniakosia: nine hundred; enniakosiostos, nine hundredth.

chilia: one thousand; chiliostos, one thousandth.

duo chiliades: two thousand; dischiliostos, two thousandth.

ena ekatommurio: one million; ekatommuriostos, one millionth.

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