zono-, zon-, zoni-

(Greek > Latin: girdle, girded garment)

An area with definable boundaries, especially an encircling area.

1. Belonging to a particular zone or region.
2. A reference to a belt or a zone.
Having a zone or zones; zoned.
Moving away from a region or zone, which may occur when a perceived sensation becomes distributed to parts other than the central zone.
1. Especially in city planning: of or pertaining to the division of an area into zones, so as to restrict the number and types of buildings and their uses: zoning laws.
2. The laws dividing cities into different areas according to use, from single-family residences to industrial plants. Zoning ordinances control the size, location, and use of buildings within these different areas.
3. Dividing an area into zones or sections reserved for different purposes; such as, residence, business, manufacturing, etc.
4. The occurrence of a stronger reaction in a lesser amount of suspected serum, observed sometimes in serologic tests used in the diagnosis of syphilis, and probably the result of high antibody titre (quantity of a substance required to produce a reaction).
Passing from the periphery inward toward a region, as a perceived sensation that appears to move into a central zone from some more distant site.
A body segment of a diplopod.
A genus of North American land snails in the family Zonitidae.
1. A mineral; such as, an impure variety of prehnite (a hydrous silicate of alumina and lime) occurring in green pebbles of a banded structure.
2. Name for a supposed species of mineral from Lake Superior, marked with bands of different shades of green.
Banded with cilia, as certain annelid larvae.
Similar to or like a zone.
1. A reference to a definite zone in depth; said of certain fresh-water planktonic animals.
2. Of or pertaining to a certain zone in a lake's depth.
Having a zonary placenta; that is, placenta with villi arranged in a band or girdle. Villi refers to a tiny finger-like or vascular (blood-vessel) projections.
zonoskeleton (s) (noun), zonoskeletons (pl)
The proximal element of the four main divisions to which limbs are attached: "The scapula (shoulder blade), clavicle (collarbone), and the hip bone are all related to the zonoskeleton."
Crown sparrows; any of certain North American sparrows that constitute the genus Zonotrichia.
A small, usually circular, zone; also, zonule.