xi; Ξ, ξ +

(Greek: the fourteenth letter of the Greek alphabet; Ξ, ξ)

xi (ksi)
The 14th letter of the Greek alphabet (Ξ, ξ), represented in the English alphabet as "x".
xi hyperon, xi particle
An isotopic spin multiplet of quasi-stable baryons with positive parity, spin 1/2, isotopic spin 1/2 hypercharge -1, and approximate mass 1318 MeV.
xi-minus particle
A xi hyperon that carries a unit negative charge designated Ξ-; also known as "cascade particle".

A hyperon is a comparatively massive baryon that may be unstable or partially stable and is short-lived.

A baryon is a subatomic particle belonging to a group that undergoes strong interactions, has a mass greater than or equal to that of the proton (a stable, positively charged elementary particle), and consists of three quarks.

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