xeno-, xen-, -xenic, -xenism, -xenist, -xenous, -xeny

(Greek: foreign, foreigner; alien; different; extraneous; strange, stranger; and by extension, guest)

The "x" in xeno- is pronounced "z"; "zeno". Greeks are said to have considered any stranger a "guest" and modern Greek includes xenodocheion a "guest house" or "house for guests" or its modern version of "hotel".

The etymological meaning usually denotes some aspect of a relationship involving guests or visitors of some kind.

1. Something strange that is seen in the imagination or in the supernatural.
2. The ability to perceive or to see strange or different things.
3. A foreign or strange mental image that is produced by the imagination.
4. Something which is not a normal sight, but is different or strange to behold.
A person attracted to that which is foreign, especially to foreign people, manners, or cultures.

Related "foreign, strange" word families: allotrio-; barbar-.