virid-, vir-

(Latin: the color green)

virescent (adjective), more virescent, most virescent
A reference to becoming green or partly green: "The newly-budded leaves produced a light virescent result because of the warmer weather coming after the cold winter."
virid (s) (noun), virids (pl)
A bright green color: "The various virids of the vegetation were easily seen by the biologist as he researched the plants in the jungle."
virid (adjective), more virid, most virid
A reference to or descriptive of being bright green as seen in vegetation.
viridescence (s) (noun), viridescences (pl)
Green or the quality of being slightly greenish.
viridescent (adjective), more viridescent, most viridescent
1. Descriptive of something that is greenish or slightly green.

Sometimes people show viridescent colors in their faces when they get seasick or airsick.

2. Etymology: from Late Latin viridescere, "to grow green"; from Latin viridis, "green".
Someone who shows his sea sickness by having a green complexion.
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viridian (s) (noun), viridians (pl)
A bluish-green color: "There is a viridian pigment that is seen in hydrated chromium hydroxide."
viridigenous (adjective), more viridigenous, most viridigenous
Certain microscopic vegetable organisms which, when swallowed as food by mollusks; such as, the oyster and clam, produce a green tinge on their flesh.
viriditity (s) (noun), viridities (pl)
A condition in which something shows fresh greeness: "Plants are examples of various forms of viridities."

"Growing grasses show various hues of viridity."

"Spring shows fresh viridities as plants start to grow after winter."