vir-, viri-, virtu-

(Latin: man, manliness, manhood; masculine; husband)

Virtus vincit invidiam.
Virtue overcomes envy.
Virtute et armis.
By virtue and arms.

Motto of the State of Mississippi, USA.

Virtute et Exemplo.
By Virtue and Example.

Motto of German Emperor Joseph II (1765-1790).

Virtute et fide.
By virtue and faith.
Virtute non astutia. (Latin statement)
Translation: "By excellence, not by cunning."
Virtute non verbis.
By virtue, not by words.
Virtuti non armis fido.
I trust to virtue, not to arms.
Virum volitare per ora.
To fly through the mouths of men.

An alternate translation: "To spread like wildfire." The allusion refers to gossip, rumor, and news.

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