aco-, aceo- +

(Greek: remedy, cure)

acognosia, acognosy (s) (noun); acognosias; acognosies (pl)
1. A knowledge of, or the study of remedies or cures: Troy was very interested in acognosia and wanted to learn all about medicinal curatives and treatments in advance of studying medicine following his college studies.
2. Etymology: from Greek ako(s), "remedy" + gnos(is), "knowledge" + ia, suffix for "noun".
acology (s) (noun) (no pl)
1. The science of remedies; therapeutics: Lance learned that the term acology was used rarely and referred to the medical language for the official study of therapeutics, or the treatment of diseases.
2. The science and art of healing: Kitty wanted to take a practicum in acology and learn more about the alternative methods of healing and the body processes involved in recovery.
3. Materia medica; the science of remedies.
  • Material or substance used in the composition of remedies. Acology is a general term for all substances used as curative agents in medicine.
  • Acology is that branch of medical science which treats the nature and properties of all the substances that are employed for the cure of diseases.