vespertilio-, vespertili-

(Latin: bat, bats (animals))

pipistrel, pipistrelle (s) (noun); pipistrels, pipistrelles (pl)
1. Any of various very small insectivorous bats of the genus Pipistrellus, found throughout the world: "Pipistrelles are abundant in Europe and they have a reddish-brown color on top of their bodies; however, they have a grayer color underneath."
2. Etymology: French, from Italian pipistrello, "bat", alteration of Old Italian vipistrello, from Latin vespertilio.
vespertilian (adjective), more vespertilian; most vespertilian
Relating to or resembling a bat.
Vespertilio (s) (noun), Vespertilios (pl)
A genus of bats including some of the common small insectivorous species of North America and Europe.
Vespertiliones (pl) (noun)
A tribe of bats including the common insectivorous bats of America and Europe, belonging to Vespertilio and allied genera: "Vespertiliones lack a nose membrane."
vespertilionid (s) (adjective); vespertilionids (pl)
A reference to a family of insect-eating long-tailed bat.
Vespertilionidae (pl) (noun)
1. Cosmopolitan family of mainly insectivorous microchiropteran bats containng about 280 species; habits solitary to gregarious, often migratory; some species hibernate.
2. A large, widely distributed family of insectivorous bats of the suborder Microchiroptera, characterized by a long slender tail and well-developed ears.
The Bat

Myself, I rather like the bat,
It's not a mouse, it's not a rat.
It has no feathers, yet has wings,
It's quite inaudible when it sings,
It zigzags through the evening air
And never lands on ladies' hair,
A fact of which men spend their lives
Attempting to convince their wives.
—Ogden Nash
vespertilionine: bats
Comprising or consisting of a large distinct group of insectivorous bats included in the sub-order Microchiroptera.
vespertiliophobia (s) (noun), vespertiliophobias (pl)
An abnormal fear of bats.