vespertilio-, vespertili-

(Latin: bat, bats (animals))

pipistrel, pipistrelle (s) (noun); pipistrels, pipistrelles (pl)
1. Any of various very small insectivorous bats of the genus Pipistrellus, found throughout the world: "Pipistrelles are abundant in Europe and they have a reddish-brown color on top of their bodies; however, they have a grayer color underneath."
2. Etymology: French, from Italian pipistrello, "bat", alteration of Old Italian vipistrello, from Latin vespertilio.
vespertilian (adjective), more vespertilian; most vespertilian
Relating to or resembling a bat.
Vespertilio (s) (noun), Vespertilios (pl)
A genus of bats including some of the common small insectivorous species of North America and Europe.
Vespertiliones (pl) (noun)
A tribe of bats including the common insectivorous bats of America and Europe, belonging to Vespertilio and allied genera: "Vespertiliones lack a nose membrane."
vespertilionid (s) (adjective); vespertilionids (pl)
A reference to a family of insect-eating long-tailed bat.
Vespertilionidae (pl) (noun)
1. Cosmopolitan family of mainly insectivorous microchiropteran bats containng about 280 species; habits solitary to gregarious, often migratory; some species hibernate.
2. A large, widely distributed family of insectivorous bats of the suborder Microchiroptera, characterized by a long slender tail and well-developed ears.
The Bat

Myself, I rather like the bat,
It's not a mouse, it's not a rat.
It has no feathers, yet has wings,
It's quite inaudible when it sings,
It zigzags through the evening air
And never lands on ladies' hair,
A fact of which men spend their lives
Attempting to convince their wives.
—Ogden Nash
vespertilionine: bats
Comprising or consisting of a large distinct group of insectivorous bats included in the sub-order Microchiroptera.
vespertiliophobia (s) (noun), vespertiliophobias (pl)
An abnormal horror of bats: After reading the book Dracula, by Bram Stocker, Jill had verspertiliophobia and feared chiropterans, or nocturnal mouselike mammals that fly when it is dusk, and even being bitten by one in the night!