veri-, ver-

(Latin: true, truth, real, truthfulness)

verify (verb), verifies; verified; verifying
1. To prove that something is accurate or correct: When Mrs. Smart counted the number of exams she collected from her students, she verified that all of them gave her their tests for correcting.
2. To check whether or not something is true by examination, investigation, or comparison: The chemistry teacher told his students to verify their conclusions with additional and repeated experiments.
3. In law, to swear or to affirm under oath that something actually took place: During the court proceedings, Jim had to verify and to confirm that he saw the burglar enter his neighbor's house at 7 o’clock in the evening.
To prove to be true.
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Speaking the truth; truthful, veracious.
1. Speaking the truth.
2. Being truthful when talking.
In truth (archaic).
verisimilar (adjective), more verisimilar, most verisimilar
Appearing to be true or real.
verisimilitude (s) (noun), verisimilitudes (pl)
1. The appearance of being true or real.
2. Something that only appears to be true or real, e.g., a statement that is not supported by evidence.
verism, verist, veristic
Strict realism or naturalism in art and literature.
veritable, veritableness, veritably
1. Indicating that something being referred to figuratively is as good as true.
2. True as a declaration or statement
True, unquestionable.

Motto of Harvard University, USA.

Veritas cum libertate.
Truth with liberty.

Motto of Winthrop College, Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA.

Veritas et virtus.
Truth and virtue.

Motto of Mississippi College, Clinton, Mississippi, USA.

Veritas liberabit.
The truth will make you free.

Motto of Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, USA.

Veritas odium parit.
Truth breeds hatred.

"Truth can breed hatred", according to Terence, in his Andria, when one is too frank (blunt) with one's friends. Undiplomatic criticism (regardless of how truthful it may be) can also develop hatred with others.

Veritas omnia vincet.
Truth conquers all things.