vapori-, vapor-, vapo-

(Latin: steam, mist, very small drops of water)

vapor recovery (s) (noun), vapor recoveries (pl)
The process of capturing chemical fumes; especially, for the purpose of reducing pollution: "Attempts at vapor recovery is being made with the gasoline vapor that is generated by the fueling of vehicles at gas stations."
vapor recovery nozzle (s) (noun), vapor recovery nozzles (pl)
A special gas pump spout that reduces the release of gasoline fumes into the air when vehicles are being refueled at a gas station.
vapor seal (s) (noun), vapor seals (pl)
A barrier applied to a surface to prevent moisture from migrating into, or out, of a given space: "A vapor seal is a moisture-impervious layer; such as, plastic film, vinyl, or vapor-retardant paint."

vapor-dominated, vapor dominated (adjective); more vapor-dominated; most vapor-dominated
A description of a high-temperature hydrothermal system in which mixed water and steam exist, and steam is the pressure-controlling fluid phase: "Vapor-dominated systems; such as, "The Geysers" in northern California, are relatively rare but have high heat content and are well suited for the production of electrical power; while the more common liquid-dominated systems have lower heat content and are suited for direct heat uses."
vaporium, vaporarium (s) (noun); vaporia, vaporaria (pl)
A steam bath, or similar installation, in which a patient is exposed to steam treatment or therapy.
vaporization (s) (noun), vaporizations (pl)
1. The rapid change of water into steam; especially, in a boiler.
2. A solid or liquid that has been changed into a moisture or steam.
3. To destroy by, or as if by, converting something into particles: "The vaporization of the building was cased by a bomb."
vaporize (verb), vaporizes; vaporized; vaporizing
To convert or be converted into a gaseous substance.
vaporizer (s) (noun), vaporizers (pl)
A device for producing a moisture, as for anesthesia, therapeutic inhalation, or disinfection.
vaporous (adjective), more vaporous, most vaporous
1. Consisting of, referring to, or producing moisture in the air: There was a thick vaporous fog covering the valley which made driving difficult.
2. Lacking material existence or permanence: The ghost that appeared to Martin on Halloween, which is a celebration of mystery, ghosts, etc., had a green and vaporous appearance as it floated across the parking lot.
3. Of a fanciful, a ridiculous, or an implausible nature: Helen's vaporous personality was charming most of the time; however, sometimes it was difficult for her husband to determine when she was really being serious.
Full of vapor; that is, foggy, misty, unsubstantial, and fanciful.
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vapor-permeable membrane (s) (noun),vapor-permeable membranes (pl)
In medicine, a very thin layer of material, usually transparent, through which oxygen and liquid can pass: "Vapor-permeable membranes may be prepared with an adhesive backing that will stick only to dry skin. This type of vapor-permeable membrane has been used in treating wounds."

A vapor-permeable membrane must be applied properly without wrinkles and changed as often as necessary to prevent an excess accumulation of fluid and bacteria under it.

vaportherapy (s) (noun), vaportherapies (pl)
A treatment that uses an aerosol or mist, either of simple moisture or containing medicinal substances.
vaporthorax (noun); vaporthoraxes, vaporthoraces (pl)
1. The presence of water in the pleural space (between the neck and the diaphragm), occurring at high altitudes in people who are not in a pressurized situation.
2. The existence of large water-bubbles in the pleural space, between the lungs and the chest wall, in an unprotected person who is exposed to altitudes above 63,000 feet.