(Latin: wife; spouse [female])

et uxor; et ux.
Translation: "And wife."

This is a legal phrase and abbreviation for "and wife."

Polygamia est plurium simul virorum uxorumve connubium. (Latin-legal term)
Translation: "Polygamy is a marriage with many husbands or wives at one time."
Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th ed.; West Publishing Co.;
St. Paul, Minnesota;1990.
1. In civil law, a wife; a woman lawfully married.
2. Et uxor,, "and his wife". Often abbreviated "et ux."
3. Jure uxoris, a term used in reference to a husband who brings about some legal action on behalf of his wife.
Uxor non est sui juris, sed sub potestate viri.
A legal term meaning: A wife is not her own mistress, but is under the power of her husband.
Uxor sequitur domicilium viri.
A legal term meaning: A wife follows the domicile of her husband.
A condition of being sexually impotent with one's own wife but potent with other women. (See uxorovalence for the opposite condition).
Sexually impotent with one's wife while being potent with other women.
1. Of or pertaining to a wife or wives.
2. Typical of, characteristic of, or befitting a wife.
The condition of being a wife; wifehood.
1. The killing of one’s wife or the murder of a wife by her husband.
2. The murdering of one's own wife or the man who kills his wife.
uxoricidic, uxoricidal
Of, relating to, or marked by the murder of one's wife.
Obsession with thoughts of killing one's wife.
Applied to or denoting residence after marriage in the area of the wife's home, family, or community.
A masochistic submissiveness to one's wife.