urg-, [erg-], -urgy, -urgia, -urgical, -urgically, -urgist, -urge

(Greek: work)

This urg- is a transformation of those which are located in the erg- unit.

Sacred work or performance.
maneuver (verb), maneuvers; maneuvered; maneuvering
1. To bring, to put, to drive, or to make something happen by persuasion: Henry maneuvered his way into the confidence of the company executives by convincing the chief administrator that he could achieve greater profits for the products that the company manufactured.
2. To manage with skill or adroitness: The professor always seemed to be able maneuver the students to focus on the main objectives of his lectures.
8. To steer in various directions as required: The bus driver was able to maneuver safely through the heavy traffic during morning and/or afternoon rush hours.
panurgic (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Referring to a person who is skilled in many varieties of work or business dealings: Some people are convinced that they are panurgic and can do almost anything successfully, even when they have had no vocational training!
2. Etymology: from Greek pan-, "all, every" + -urgy, "work".
A reference to being able to do any kind of work.
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A word meaning literally "pertaining to the working of (or in) sand"; an esoteric term in used in Alchemy.
1. The treatment of mental disorders with surgery of the brain; for example, lobotomy.
2. Brain surgery for the purpose of modifying emotions or behavior, especially in the treatment of psychosis, in the absence of demonstrable organic brain disease, most commonly by means of interrupting the nerve fibers connecting the frontal and limbic systems.
The mind at work; mental function or activity.
pyrogenic distillation
1. The thermal decomposition of hydrocarbons in a petroleum refinery at high temperatures, high pressures, or both.
2. A cracking process that runs at high temperatures, high pressures, or both; resulting in greater yields of the light hydrocarbon components of gasoline.
pyrotechnic pistol
A single-shot device designed specifically for projecting pyrotechnic signals.

Cross references related to "work, toil" word families: argo-; ergasio-; ergo-; labor-; oper-; pono-.