uranisc-, uranisco- +

(Greek: roof of the mouth; literally, "little vault of heaven")

Inflammation of the palate.
1. The process of forming an artificial palate or roof of the mouth.
2. An operation for repairing a cleft palate (roof of the mouth).
Suture of the palate (operation of uniting a cleft palate, consisting in paring and bringing together the edges of the cleft).
Suture of the palate.
The palate, or the roof of the mouth.

The fixed portion, or palate proper, supported by the maxillary and palatine bones, is called the hard palate to distinguish it from the membranous and muscular curtain which separates the cavity of the mouth from the pharynx (cavity at the back of the mouth) and is called the soft palate, or velum (membranous, or pliable texture, covering).