ungu- +

(Latin: nail, claw, hoof)

tinea unguium
The most common fungus infection of the nails.

The fungus is known as onychomycosis and it makes the nails look white and opaque, thickened, and brittle.

1. Relating to, or affecting, the fingernails, toenails, claws, or hoofs.
2. Referring to, occurring in, or supporting a nail, a claw, or a hoof.
A horny callosity of the epidermis, usually with a central core, formed especially on the toes or feet and caused by undue pressure or friction.
1. Having or resembling nails or claws.
2. A mammal having nails or claws.
3. Having nails or claws, as opposed to hooves.
unguiculate mammal
A mammal having nails or claws.
1. Having, or resembling, claws or nails.
2. Furnished with nails, claws, or hooks; clawed.
2. Supplied with a claw, or a narrow stalk-like base; such as, the petals of a carnation.
A small nail or claw.
Producing, having, or supporting nails or claws.
1. Having the form of a claw or claws.
2. Shaped like a nail or claw.
Referring to, or relating to, a nail or the nails.
1. A nail of a human finger or toe, a claw of a toed animal, a bird's talon.
2. A horny keratin structure that covers the dorsal aspect of the terminal phalanx of each digit; a nail.
unguis incarnatus
An ingrown nail.

A toenail, one edge of which is overgrown by the nail-fold, producing a pyogenic granuloma (small rounded mass of tissue); resulting from a faulty trimming of the toenails or pressure from a tight shoe.

1. The hoof of an animal.
2. A hoof, claw, or talon.
3. In geometry, a section or part of a cylinder, cone, or other solid of revolution, cut off by a plane oblique to the base; so called from its resemblance to the hoof of a horse.
Referring, or pertaining, to a hoof, claw, or talon.
In former classifications, a major division of Mammalia comprising all hoofed mammals; now divided into the orders Perissodactyla (odd-toed ungulates) and Artiodactyla (even-toed ungulates).

A cross reference, directly or indirectly, involving a word unit meaning "nail (finger, toe); claw": onych-.