-unculus +

(Latin: a suffix; little, small)

Dracunculus medinensis
A threadlike worm 30 to 120 cm long that inhabits the subcutaneous and intermuscular tissues of humans and domestic animals in India, Africa, and the Arabian peninsula, causing dracunculiasis.

Its embryos are discharged through an opening in the skin upon contact with water; from the water they enter the body of a small crustacean, Cyclops, where they undergo larval development. Also known as: dragon worm, guinea worm, Medina worm, and serpent worm.

Falco tinnunculus
A small Old World falcon that hovers in the air against the wind.
1. A diminutive or dwarfish man.
2. A person who is very small but who is not otherwise deformed or abnormal.
lienunculus, accessory spleen
One of the small globular masses of splenic tissue occasionally found in the region of the spleen, in one of the peritoneal folds or elsewhere.
pedunculus, pedunclular
1. A stemlike connecting part.
2. A collection of nerve fibers connecting between different regions in the central nervous system.
3. The stalk by which a non-sessile tumor is attached to normal tissue.
splenunculus (s), splenunculi (pl)
A small accessory spleen.