unci-, unc-, uncin- +

(Greek > Latin: hook, hooked, bent, curved)

adunc (adjective)
1. Hooked; curved inward: "A parrot has an adunc bill."
2. Etymology: from Latin aduncus; equivalent to ad-, "to" + >uncus, "hook, barb".
aduncate (adjective)
Shaped like a hook.
1. Having the shape of a hook; being of a curved or hooked from; hooklike.
2. Unciform bone, a bone of the carpus (wrist) at the bases of the fourth and fifth metacarpals (five cylindrical bones extending from the wrist to the fingers); the hamatum (curved or hook-form).
unciform bone
1. The wrist bone in line with the 4th and 5th fingers.
2. The hamate bone or the medial carpal bone in the row of carpal bones occurring closer to the fingers and farther from the wrist.
A genus of nematode hookworms that infect various mammals.

Species include Uncinaria stenocephala, the European hookworm of dogs, cats, and various wild carnivores, also found in North America, where it is much less common than Ancylostoma caninum, though it has been implicated in human cutaneous larva migrans (infection of the human skin by the larvae of the dog and cat hookworms).

A genus of hookworms (family Ancylostomatidae) consisting of thirteen species, chiefly parasites of swine and carnivores, including seals.
1. Infestation of the intestines with hookworms.
2. Ancylostomiasis or a hookworm disease caused by Ancylostoma duodenale and characterized by eosinophilia (an abnormally high number of eosinophils, or white blood cells, in the blood), anemia, emaciation, dyspepsia, and, in children with severe chronic infections, swelling of the abdomen with mental and physical maldevelopment.
A reference to uncinariasis.
1. Hooked; bent at the tip in the form of a hook; as, an uncinate process.
2. Shaped, or bent, like a hook at the end.
uncinate epilepsy
A form of epilepsy occurring in disease of the uncinate (hooked-shape) area of the temporal lobe of the brain.
uncinate fasciculus
The bundle of fibers connecting the orbital gyri of the frontal lobe with the rostral portion of the temporal lobe.

They curve sharply as they pass over the lateral cerebral fissure.

1. Pressure with a hook to stop hemorrhage.
2. Arrest of hemorrhage from a cut artery by pressure with a blunt hook.
uncus (s), unci (pl)
1. Any hook-shaped process or part.
2. A hook or claw.
Infection with hookworms of the genus Uncinaria.