ultim- +

(Latin: end, last, final)

ultimate (adjective) (not comparable)
1. A reference to something which is the last or final end in a series: The Robinson's trip consisted of many stops in different cities across the country, but their ultimate destination of visiting their daughter, Cindy, and the conclusion of their trip, was still about two days away.

Jane mentioned that the ultimate question was how were they going to earn enough money to go on the cruise in the first place!

2. Descriptive of something being the greatest, most nearly perfect, or highest in quality: The couple stayed at a wonderful hotel which was the ultimate in luxury, having a sauna, a swimming pool on the roof of the building, delicious meals, etc.
3. Etymology: from Latin ultimatus, from ultimare, "to come to an end"; from ultimus, "last, final."
Indicating a final decision.
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ultimate goal
1. In the end, as the culmination of a process or event.
2. Finally; at last; in the end.
The action or process of bringing something to an ultimate result; final issue or development.
Having the character of an ultimatum.
ultimatum (s) (noun); ultimatums or ultimata (pl)
1. A final offer or demand; especially, by one of the parties engaged in negotiations: A rejection of an ultimatum can lead to a break in relations and unilateral action, the use of force, etc. by the party which is issuing it.
2. A requirement accompanied by a threat to inflict some penalty if a demand is not met: Jack's employer issued an ultimatum by saying, "Either you work harder or you will be fired!"
3. Used in law, a final statement of terms, the rejection of which will lead to the severing of diplomatic relations and a state of hostility: An ultimatum, or demand, was made on a country to stop their invasion of the neighboring nation, and if it didn't, war would result!
4. Etymology: from Latin ultimatus, "late, last, final"; from ultimus, "extreme, last, farthest, final."
A last demand.
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A proposition or condition.
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In the preceding month: an old-fashioned usage; such as, "Yours of the 13th (day) ultimo received."
ultimo (mense); ult., ulto.
A reference to the preceding (month); of the last month.
Applied to a gland in the neck which in many lower vertebrates regulates the calcium level in the body but in man and several higher vertebrates is absorbed into the thyroid during embryonic life.
1. Inheritance or succession by the youngest son of the family.
2. The mode of succession by which the right of inheritance pertains to the youngest member of a family.
The final point or limit.
ultimum moriens
1. The last thing dying, the last to die.
2. In medicine, a reference to the right atrium (chamber of the heart); said to be the last part of the body to stop moving in the process of dying.
3. The right atrium of the heart, believed to contract after the rest of the heart is still.
ultimum supplicium
Extreme punishment or penalty; the punishment of death.
Ultimum supplicium esse mortem solam interpretamur.
The most extreme punishment we consider to be death alone: used in law.
ultimus heres, ultimus haeres
In law, the last (or final) heir.

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