tribo-, trib-

(Greek: friction, rub, rubbing, grind, wear away; spend, waste time; be busy)

tribofluorescence (s) (noun)
To give off light as a result of friction: "Tribofluorescence is an emission of light by a material when stimulated by rubbing or friction."
tribofluorescent (adjective)
tribological (adjective)
tribologist (s) (noun), tribologists (pl)
A specialist in the science of the mechanical functions of friction on reacting surfaces.
tribology (s) (noun), tribologies (pl)
The science of the mechanisms of friction, lubrication, and wear of interacting surfaces that are in relative motion. A relatively new element from Greek that is used in modern engineering and physics.

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triboluminescence (s) (noun), triboluminescences (pl)
1. Sparkling or shining results that are produced by friction; usually, within a crystalline substance: Microtechnology is able to detect the triboluminescence that is emitted when crystals, or sugar, are crushed, producing sparks of radiance.
2. The luster or emission of brightness that results from perfrication, scratching or mechanical pressure: Timmy and Sally were excited when they watched the bright flashes, or triboluminescences, that were visible when a piece of wool was rubbed on their cat's fur.
triboluminescent (adjective), more triboluminescent, most triboluminescent
Referring to the glittering or flickering results that take place when rasping, scraping or mechanical pressure is applied: As a science experiment, Jane and the other students compared the results of crushing glass, rhinestones, and common quartz to determine which triboluminescent element was the brightest.
tribometer (s) (noun), tribometers (pl)
1. An instrument for estimating sliding friction.
2. An instrument that is used to ascertain the degree of friction in rubbing surfaces.
tribophosphorescence (s) (noun), tribophosphorescences (pl)
The production of light by friction or light that has been produced with friction.
tribophosphorescent (adjective)
tribophosphoroscope (s) (noun), tribophosphoroscopes (pl)
An instrument for examining triboluminescence [glow or emission of light that results from friction or mechanical pressure].
tribophysics (s) (noun) (used with a singular verb)
The physical properties or phenomena associated with friction.
tribosphenic (adjective)
tribothermoluminescence (s) (noun), tribothermoluminescences (pl)
Shining results that take place when something is exposed to a high temperature that is produced in a material as a result of rubbing: When specific crystals are ground, they generate heat and so there appears to be a detectable tribothermoluminescence which can be measured by special instruments that are sensitive to detections of glittering sparks.
tribothermoluminescent (adjective), more tribothermoluminescent, most tribothermoluminescent
A reference to brightly candent elements coming from exposure to high temperatures that are produced in a material as a result of grinding, filing, fretting, etc.: The research assistants, Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Smith, were interested in determining the tribothermoluminescent differences between various crystals when they were ground up and produced heat and detectable light.

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "rub, rubbing; wear away; wipe": bruxo, brux-; frica-, frict-; terg-; -tripsy; trit-.