aspergillo-, aspergill- +

(Latin: to sprinkle, to scatter)

A reference to fungi and to the diseases caused by them.

Pertaining to or having the characteristics of aspergilli.
1. An infectious granuloma caused by Aspergillus.
2. A variety of bronchopulmonary aspergillosis; a ball-like mass of Aspergillis fumigatus colonizing an existing cavity in the lung.
Infection with the fungus Aspergillus, seen especially in people with a deficient immune system.

The clinical features of aspergillosis can include invasive lung infection and disseminated disease, usually with fever, cough, spitting up blood, and chest pain. Aspergillosis may mimic asthma with cough and inspiratory stridor (noise on breathing in) or sinusitis with fever, and localized pain.

A brush or perforated container for sprinkling holy water in the Roman Catholic Church.
aspergillus (s), aspergilli (pl)
Any of various fungi of the genus Aspergillus, which includes many common molds.