toxico-, toxic-, toxi-, tox-, toxin-, -toxically, -toxaemia, -toxemia, -toxaemic, -toxemic, -toxical, -toxy, -toxis, -toxicosis, -toxism, -toxia, -toxin, -toxicity

(Greek: poison)

This Greek element originally meant "bow", then it became "arrow", then a "poisoned arrow" and finally "poison". In most cases, toxico- means poison, but in a few situations it refers to the original meaning of "arrow", as in toxophilite and toxophily; "love of or fondness for archery", and so it shouldn't be confused with toxophil, toxophile, "having an affinity for or an attraction to a toxin or poison'.
zootoxin, zootoxic
A poison produced by an animal (or insects); such as, the venom of snakes, spiders, scorpions, etc.
1. Poisoning due to ingestion of contaminated food of animal origin.
2. Poisoning from the consumption of animal products.
zymotoxic (adjective), more zymotoxic, most zymotoxic
Having a fermentative and toxic action.

A cross reference of another word family that is related directly, or indirectly, with: "poison": veno-; viru-.