toco-, toko-, toc-, tok-, -tocy, -toky, -tocia, -tokia, -tocous, -tokous +

(Greek: childbirth, delivery, a reference to the production of offspring; that which is brought forth)

oligotocous, oligotokous
1. The production of, or bearing, few young.
2. having only a few offspring per brood
oxytocia, oxytokia
Rapid childbirth.
oxytocic, oxytokic
1. Referring to or characterized by rapid labor or parturition.
2. An agent (drug) that hastens childbirth by stimulating contractions of the myometrium.
oxytocin, oxytokin
An octapeptide, obtained from extracts of the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland and also by synthesis, that is the principal uterine-contracting and lactation-stimulating hormone of the gland.
polytocia, polytokia
1. Birth of more than one child at one time.
2. Bearing several young at one time or, in botany, continuing to bear fruit for many years.
polytokous, polytocous
1. Having many offspring per brood.
2. Producing fruit many times during a plant's life cycle.
thelytokia, thelytocia
The parthenogenetic production of female offspring.
tocodynagraph, tokodynagraph
A device for measuring the intensity of uterine contractions.
tocodynamometer, tokodynamometer
1. An instrument for measuring uterine contractions during parturition (labor).
2. An instrument for recording the amplitude versus time of the expulsive force of uterine muscular contractions during labor at birth. Also called a tocometer and tokodynamometer.
tocoergometry, tokoergometry
Measurement of the expulsive force of the uterus during labor or birth.
tocogony, tokogony
Propagation by parents as distinct from spontaneous generation.
tocograph, tokograph
A recording taken with tocodynamometer, or tokodynamometer, an instrument for measuring and recording the expulsive force of uterine contractions.
tocological, tokological
A reference to tocology.
tocologist, tokologist
One who is a specialist in parturition (child birth); an obstetrician.
tocology, tokology
1. The science of parturition (child birth), or of midwifery.
2. An older term for obstetrics.
3. Dealing with childbirth and the care of the mother

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