thaumato-, thaumat-

(Greek: wonder, a wondrous thing; miracle, miraculous, magic; something to look at; sight, spectacle)

autothaumaturgist (s) (noun), autothaumaturgists (pl)
A person or people who are pretending to be mystical or mysterious.
philothaumaturgic (adjective), more philothaumaturgic, most philothaumaturgic
A reference to an individual who has a fondness for works of wonder or miracles: As a philothaumaturgic person, Jack loved to collect and read literature about the phenomenons and amazing occurrences that had been recorded in the world.
thaumatogenist (s) (noun), thaumatogenists (pl)
A believer in or an advocate of thaumatogeny.
thaumatogeny (s) (noun), thaumatogenies (pl)
The origination of life as a miraculous process.
thaumatography (s) (noun), thaumatographies (pl)
A writing or written materials concerning the wonders of nature or natural wonders.
thaumatolatry (s) (noun), thaumatolatries (pl)
An excessive reverence for, or the worship of, the miraculous or marvelous.
thaumatologist (s) (noun), thaumatologists (pl)
A person or people who study or describe miracles.
thaumatology (s) (noun), thaumatologies (pl)
A description, discussion, or the study of the performances of miracles.
Thaumatosaurus (s) (noun)
A "wonder lizard" from Early Jurassic Europe. Named by naturalist Christian Erich Hermann von Meyer in 1841.
thaumatrope (s) (noun), thaumatropes (pl)
1. A "magic card" with different pictures on either side so that when the card is rapidly twirled, the images appear to combine as one.
2. Applied to a disk or cylinder bearing a series of figures which, on being rapidly rotated and viewed through a slit, produce the impression of a moving object.

An example is a horse on one side and a rider on the other, so that one gets the image of a rider on horseback.

thaumatropic (adjective), more thaumatropic, most thaumatropic
Pertaining to or descriptive of the nature or effect of a thaumatrope.
thaumatropy (s) (noun), thaumatropies (pl)
In medicine, the transformation of an organ or structure into another organ or structure.
thaumaturge (s) (noun), thaumaturges (pl)
Someone who performs magic or miracles.
thaumaturgic (adjective), more thaumaturgic, most thaumaturgic
1. Descriptive of the performance of miracles or magic.
2. A reference to the art of constructing marvelous or apparently magical devices.
thaumaturgical (adjective), more thaumaturgical, most thaumaturgical
1. A reference to the performance of miracles or magic.
2. The art of constructing marvelous or apparently magical devices.

A cross reference of another word family that is related directly, or indirectly, to: "miracle, wonder, wondrous": mirac-.