temno-, temn-, tempt-

(Latin: despise, scorn, disdain)

contemn (kuhn TEM) (verb), contemns; contemned; contemning
1. To view with disrespect; to despise or to have an intense dislike for someone or something: There are people who contemn war and violence in the world because they believe such activities are unjustifiable.
2. Etymology: drom Middle English contempnen, "to slight"; from Latin contemnere; from com-, "with" + temnere, "to despise, to scorn".
To despise, to hate, or to scorn.
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contemner (kuhn TEM nuhr), contemnor (kuhn TEM nohr) (s) (noun), contemners, contemnors (pl)
A person who has a powerful dislike, or hatred, for something or someone; a despiser; a scorner.
contemnible (kuhn TEM ni buhl) (adjective), more contemnible, most contemnible
Descriptive of having an extreme aversion for someone or something or that which is regarded as worthless and abhorrent: Many countries consider the contemnible conditions that cause so many people to flee their homes and becoming refugees should be stopped as soon as possible!
contemningly (adverb), more contemningly, most contemningly
contempt (kuhn TEMPT) (s) (noun), contempts (pl)
1. The feeling or attitude of regarding someone or something as inferior, mean, vile, or worthless; scorn; disdain: When someone is held in contempt, that person is felt to be undeserving of any respect.
2. The state of being despised or dishonored; disgraced.
3. An obvious disrespect or willful disobedience of the authority of a court of law or a legislative body.
contemptibility (kuhn TEMP tuh bil" luh tee) (s) (noun), contemptibilities (pl)
1. The quality of being undeserving of regard or respect.
2. An attitude or feeling that someone has towards another person or thing that he or she considers worthless or despicable.
contemptible (kuhn TEMP tuh b'l) (adjective), more contemptible, most contemptible
Descriptive of someone who deserves to be scorned; despicable: As a result of the mayor's contemptible comments about some of the students when he spoke during last year's graduation ceremony, he was not invited to come back again.
Despicable and loathsome .
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contemptibleness (kuhn TEMP tuh buhl nis) (s) (noun) (no plural)
The state or quality of being despised or hated.
contemptibly (kuhn TEMP tuh blee) (adverb), more contemptibly, most contemptibly
Conveying a scornful, sneering, or disdainful manner.
contemptuous (kuhn TEMP choo uhs) (adjective), more contemptuous, most contemptuous
1. Descriptive of deep hatred or negative feelings expressed by a person toward something or someone else; scornful: Paulette's contemptuous tone of voice was dripping with unkindness and disrespect for the neighbor who would not keep his yard clean.
2. Pertaining to how a person feels, expresses, or demonstrates a strong dislike or utter lack of respect for somebody or something: Alexandra thinks it is utter nonsense for anyone to make such contemptuous remarks about that fine actor.
A reference to showing scorn.
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Conveying contempt or disdain.
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Referring to a lack of respect.
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Relating to an insolent remark.
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contemptuously (kuhn TEMP choo uhs li) (adverb), more contemptuously, most contemptuously
A reference to an attitude that expresses scorn or a lack of respect for someone or something and which is treated as being unworthy of respect: Albert considers the contemptuously noisy and nosey children in his neighborhood as being scornful and he intensely despises them.
contemptuousness (kuhn TEMP choo uhs" nes) (s) (noun) (no plural)
A disposition, or tendency, to hate or have a manifestation, or expression, of insolence or haughtiness toward others: A man who was obviously drunk, showed his contemptuousness toward people in a movie theater by yelling at some of the actions that were going on in the film until the police came and took him away because he wouldn't stop his despicable or idiotic behavior.