telmato-, telmat-, telmi-, telm-

(Greek: marsh, pool, standing or stagnent water; mud of a pool)

Small pools of water in or on plants, such as the leaf bases of bromeliads or the pitcher of pitcher plants.
A reference to organisms that inhabit small pools of water within or upon plants.
The study of wetlands, swamps, and marshy areas.
telmatophilous, telmatophile, telmatophily
1. Thriving in wet meadows.
2. Dwelling in wet meadows or marshes.
A wet-meadow plant.
telmatoplankton (s) (noun), telmatoplankton; telmatoplanktons (pl)
Planktonic organisms of freshwater bogs and marshes: On their class trip, Bill's teacher told them about limnoplankton which could be divided into different kinds of plankton, one of them being the telmatoplankton which lived in swamps and quagmires!
A “marsh (swamp) lizard” from Late Cretaceous Hungary, the Pyrenees, and southern France.

This creature was formerly known as Hecatasaurus and Limnosaurus. It was described by a Hungarian named, Franz Baron Nopcsa in 1903.

telmicole (verb), telmicoles; telmicoled; telmicoling: marsh
Living in fresh-water marshes.
telmophagous, telmophage
1. A reference to an organism, usually an insect, that feeds from a blood pool produced by tissue laceration.
2. A blood-sucking insect that feeds from a blood pool produced by laceration of blood vessels; also known as, "pool feeders".