tapho-, taph-, -taphia +

(Greek: burial, grave; tomb; funeral)

taphophobiac (s) (noun), taphophobiacs (pl)
Someone who has an abnormal fear of going into or being near cemeteries: Susie, being a taphophobiac, never went near a graveyard if she could help it because she dreaded hearing the imagined noises emitting from inside the caskets!
tritaph (s) (noun), tritaphs (pl)
A group of three cists, or chambers, in a prehistoric tomb: The explorers, lead by Sir Alfred, were excited when they discovered the tritaph in the ancient desert tomb they had uncovered.

Cross references of word groups that are related, directly or indirectly, to: "bury, burial, cemetery, grave; sleeping place": coimetro-; Epitaphs; funer-; sepulc-; sheol.