tang-, tact-, tast-, ting-, -tig -tag, -teg-

(Latin: touch, feel; try; reach; handle; evaluate, estimate)

Fidelitas, veritas, integritas. (Latin motto)
Translation: "Fidelity, truth, integrity."

Motto of Salmon P. Chase College of Law of Northtern Kentucky University, Covington, Kentucky, USA.

galvanic corrosion, contact corrosion (s) (noun); galvanic corrosions, contact corrosions (pl)
1. Deterioration or damage in metals caused by oxidation or chemical action that is caused or accelerated by an electrochemical cell.
2. Electrochemical corrosion associated with the current in a galvanic cell, caused by dissimilar metals in an electrolyte because of the difference in potential (emf) of the two metals.

The abbreviation emf refers to "electromotive force" or the cell voltage of a galvanic cell measured when there is no current flowing through the cell.

In other words, the equilibrium electrode potential difference between the two electrodes of the cell.

intact (adjective)
intangibility (s) (noun), intangibilities (pl)
intangible (adjective)
A reference to assets; such as, claims, credits, good will, etc.
intangibly (adverb)
integer (s) (noun), integers (pl)
1. A member of the set of positive whole numbers (1, 2, 3, etc), negative whole numbers (-1, -2, -3, etc.), and zero (0).
2. A complete entity or unit.
3. Etymology: "whole, entire", from Latin integer, "whole"; literally, "intact, untouched", from in- "not" + root of tangere, "to touch".
integral (adjective)
1. Essential for completeness; having everything required; entire.
2. A complete unit; whole.
integral (s) (noun), integrals (pl)
integrally (adverb)
integrate (verb), integrates; integrated; integrating
To make into a whole by bringing all parts together; to unify.
integration (s) (noun), integrations (pl)
1. The act or process of bringing people of different racial or ethnic groups into unrestricted and equal association, as within a society or an organization; desegregation.
2. The organization of the psychological or social characteristics and tendencies of a personality into a harmonious whole.
3. The process of placing more than one complete electric circuit on a single chip.
Integrias, veritas, dignitas. (Latin motto)
Translation: "Integrity, truth, dignity."

Motto of Indiana Northern Graduate School of Professional Management, USA.

integrity (s) (noun), integrities (pl)
1. A firm adherence to a code or standard of values: James was always striving to behave and have an integrity that people trusted and respected.
2. The state of being unimpaired and physically sound: Architects should make sure they provide excellent structural integrity in their constructions or buildings so that they don't fall down!
3. The quality or condition of being undivided, a completeness: The territorial integrity, goodness, and reputability of all nations would be respected within that nation and by the other nations in the world.
A strict adherence to one's behavior.
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An honesty of character.
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irritant contact dermatitis (s) (noun), irritant contact dermatitises or dermatitides (pl)
An inflammation of the skin or a rash resulting from excessive washing of the hands or an irritation caused by sensitization to a substance: "Those who wash their hands many times a day can develop irritant contact dermatitis also known as dish pan hands."

Another example of irritant contact dermatitis is when young children lick their lips repeatedly which can result in an irritant reaction to their own saliva."