tang-, tact-, tast-, ting-, -tig -tag, -teg-

(Latin: touch, feel; try; reach; handle; evaluate, estimate)

dermotactile (adjective), more dermotactile, most dermotactile
Relating to the sensitivity of the skin when it is touched: "Mark's dermotactile condition was made more dermotactile or intensified when he accidentally walked into some poison ivy when he went for a walk in the woods."
disintegrate (verb), disintegrates; disintegrated; disintegrating
1. To separate into its component parts or particles; to reduce to fragments, to break up, to destroy the cohesion or integrity of (as with a mechanical or an atmospheric action): "The Twin Towers in New York City were disintegrated by a terrorist attack on September 11, 2001."
2. To separate or break off as particles or fragments from the whole mass or body: "The workers were disintegrating the big stones that were blocking the construction of the new highway and then they were using the disintegrated material for the
disintegrated (adjective), more disintegrated, most disintegrated
A reference to that which has been reduced to fragments, broken up; or broken off as fragments.
disintegration (s) (noun), disintegrations (pl)
A lack of integrity or completeness; an unsound condition.
disintegrity (s) (noun), disintegrities (pl)
Reduction to component particles, breaking up; destruction of cohesion.
distaste (s) (noun), distastes (pl)
A feeling of dislike, aversion, or antipathy.
distasteful (adjective), more distasteful, most distasteful
distastefully (adverb), more distastefully, most distastefully
electric contact (noun), contact; electric contacts (pl)
1. A physical contact that permits electric current flow between conducting parts.
2. A metal strip in a switch or socket that touches a corresponding strip in order to make a connection for electric current to pass: "Some electric contacts are made of precious metals in order to avoid corrosion."
electric contactor (noun), contactor; electric contactors (pl)
A heavy-duty electrical relay used to control electric power circuits.
electromechanical chopper, contact modulator (s) (noun); electromechanical choppers, contact modulators (pl)
A switch that is used to produce modified square waves having the same frequency as, and a definite phase relationship to, a driving sine wave or a waveform with deviation that can be graphically expressed as the sine curve or a form or shape of a wave (a ripple or undulation).

All electromagnetic radiation, including radio signals, light rays, x-rays, and cosmic rays, as well as sound, behave like rippling waves in the ocean.

entire (adjective) (not comparable)
entirely (adverb) (not comparable)
entirety (s) (noun), entireties (pl)
The whole extent of something.
eye contact (s) (noun), eye contacts (pl)
1. The meeting of the gaze of two people.
2. The direct look into the eyes of another person.