articul-, artic-

(Latin: joint, divide into joints, segment into joints; speak distinctly)

exarticulate (verb), exarticulates; exarticulated; exarticulating
1. To dislocate a joint.
2. To cut off at the joint.
exarticulation (s) (noun), exarticulations (pl)
The dislocation of a joint or joints.
inarticulate (adjective), more inarticulate, most inarticulate
Referring to a person who is unable to speak or to express oneself clearly: Drinking too much liquor made Fred inarticulate when he was asked how he would get home after the police officer took his car key away from him.
Relating to being unable to express one's ideas clearly.
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juxtaarticular, juxta-articular (adjective); more juxtaarticular, more juxta-articular; ; most juxtaarticular, most juxta-articular
Descriptive of being situated around or near a joint.
multiarticular (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to many joints.
polyarthric (adjective), more polyarthric, most polyarthric
Pertaining to or affecting many joints.