stip-, stipit-

(Latin: compress, compressed, to press together, to pack; related to: stalk, log, stock, trunk of a tree)

atonic constipation (s) (noun), atonic constipations (pl)
A difficulty in defecating as a result of a weakness of the muscles of the colon and rectum.
colonic constipation (s) (noun), colonic constipations (pl)
A condition in which an individual's pattern of elimination is characterized by hard, dry stools that results from a delay in the passage of food residue.
constipate (verb), constipates; constipated; constipating
1. To crowd or to pack closely together: "People should be aware that certain foods might constipate them."
2. To clog or to make sluggish; to obstruct so as to cause something to become slow-moving or immobilized; that is, to restrict the action or effectiveness of something: "Shirley felt as if her mind was constipated when she got out of bed today."

"Bureaucratic red tape often constipates the operations of government agencies."

constipation (s) (noun), constipations (pl)
1. A condition in which a person or animal has difficulty in eliminating solid waste from the body and the feces are hard and dry.
2. An irregular and infrequent or difficult evacuation of dry hardened feces from the bowels which can be a symptom of intestinal obstruction or diverticulitis.
3. Etymology: from Late Latin constipationem, from Latin constipare, "to press" or "to crowd together"; from com-, "together" + stipare, "to cram, to pack".

Treatment of constipation includes the consumption of plenty of fresh vegetable, fruits, milk, and an abundance of water is effective in treating constipation. A person should also try to establish regular bowel movements, proper eating, and exercise habits.

—Compiled from information provided by
Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 18th edition; F.A. Davis Company;
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 1997; page 434.
exhaustipated (adjective), more exhaustipated, most exhaustipated
A reference to the restriction of one's actions or the sluggish condition a person is feeling when doing something: "Mark's exhaustipated condition hindered him from getting much done today."
obstructive constipation (s) (noun), obstructive constipations (pl)
Difficulty in defecating as a result of an obstruction in the intestines, possibly requiring surgery: "The diet before an operation of an obstructive constipation condition should contain low-residue and no gas-forming foods."
perceived constipation (s) (noun), perceived constipations (pl)
A situation in which an individual makes a self-diagnosis of constipation and ensures a daily bowel movement through use of laxatives, enemas, or suppositories.
stipate (verb), stipates; stipated; stipating
To crowd or to press close together.
stipe (STIGHP) (s) (noun), stipes (pl)
1. In botany, a stalk or stalklike structure; such as, the stem support of the cap of a mushroom or the stalk of a seaweed frond.
2. The stem-bearing pileus (top cap-shaped part of a mushroom or other fungus) in agarics (fungi having umbrella-like caps), boletes (umbrella-shaped cap with spore-bearing tubules on the underside and including both edible and poisonous species), etc.
3. The stalk of seaweeds.
4. The stem or caudex (axis or stem of a woody plant) of palms and tree-ferns.
5. A stem of fern fronds or leaves.
stipel (s) (noun), stipels (pl)
An outgrowth of leaflets resembling the stipule (one of a pair of small growths at the base of a leaf stalk or stem that resemble leaves) of a leaf-base.
stipella (s) (noun), stipellas (pl)
Small, paired parts resembling leaves of a leaflet in a compound leaf.
stipellate (adjective)
A reference to the usually small, paired leaf-like appendages at the base of a leaf or leafstalk in certain plants: "The stipellate leaflets of the plant resembled tendrils or twining parts."
stipiform, stipitiform (adjective)
1. A stalklike support or structure; formed or resembling a stalk like a stipe or stem.
2. A supporting stalk or stem-like structure,; especially, the stalk of a pistil, the petiole of a fern frond, or the stalk that supports the cap of a mushroom.
stipitate (adjective)
1. Having or supported by a stem.
2. Stalked or borne on the end of a stem: "The stipitate part of the plant ovary, that exists on a gynophore; a stalk bearing the gynoecium (female reproductive organs of a flower) above the level of insertion of the other floral parts."
stipulate (adjective)
A description of a stem or stalk that has pairs of growths resembling leaves: "The stipulate parts of the stems were being studied by the botany students."