stich-, sticho- +

(Greek: line, row)

1. A number of lines of writing, especially a poem or word puzzle, in which particular letters, e.g., the first, in each line spell a word or phrase.
2. A short poem (or other composition) in which the initial letters of the lines, taken in order, spell a word, phrase, or sentence. Sometimes the last or middle letters of the lines, or all of them, are similarly arranged to spell words, etc., whence a distinction of single, double, or triple acrostics.
3. A verse or arrangement of words in which certain letters in each line; such as, the first or last, when taken in order spell out a word, motto, etc.
4. A Hebrew poem in which the consecutive lines or verses begin with the successive letters of the alphabet.
Situated in the highest rank or row; referring to certain bristles on the mesonotum of muscoid flies.
Resembling the beginnings of lines of poetry.
1. Two lines of poetry, sometimes rhyming, that form a complete unit in themselves.
2. A unit of verse consisting of two lines; especially, as used in Greek and Latin elegiac poetry.
3. A rhyming couplet.
A congenital, abnormal, additional row of eyelashes.
1. A reference to leaves that grow in vertical rows on opposite sides of a stem.
2. Divided into two parts or two rows.
1. A half line of verse, especially when separated rhythmically from the rest of the line by a caesura (break or pause).
2. An incomplete, or imperfect, line of poetic verse.
Referring to, or written in, hemistichs; also, by, or according to, hemistichs; as, a hemistichal division of a verse.
heptastich (s) (noun) (no plurals)
1. A composition consisting of seven lines or verses.
2. A seven-line stanza or poem.
hexastich, hexastichon
A stanza, or poem consisting of six lines.
1. A poem, or an epigram, consisting of a single metrical line.
2. A single metrical line of poetry.
In eight vertical ranks; such as, leaves on a stem.
A poem of eight lines.
orthostichy (s), orthostichies (pl)
A longitudinal rank, or row, of leaves along a stem.
Having thick lines or rows.