steno-, sten-

(Greek: narrow, contracted; short)

Constriction of the pupil of the eye.
stenocrotaphy, stenocrotaphia
An abnormal narrowness of the cranium in the temporal region.
One of the auxillary cells in leaves of certain mosses.
Having slender teeth.
1. Having a narrow range of habitat selection.
2. Restricted to a narrow range of habitats and environmental conditions.
3. Capable of surviving only in a very specialized niche or habitat.
Having a slender abdomen; a reference especially to certain insects that later develop large swollen abdomens.
stenographer (s) (noun)
1. Someone who takes dictation by writing it in shorthand: "Mildred was a stenographer who wrote many messages for her boss so he could communicate with his employees and other companies."
2. Etymology: from two Greek words, steno, "compact, little" + grapho, "write, written"; so, a stenographer writes things compactly, usually in a note pad, before producing them into normally written compositions.
stenography, stenograph, stenographic, stenographical
The art of writing in shorthand.
1. A reference to organisms that are capable of tolerating only slight variations in salt concentrations, but it also applies to those capable of tolerating only low concentrations.
2. Limited to or able to live only within a narrow range of saltwater concentrations. Primarily a reference aquatic organisms.
3. Able to live only in a marine habitat of very little gradation in salinity.
1. A very narrow flow of water.
2. Tolerant of a narrow range of moisture levels or humidity.
3. Having a narrow tolerance of environmental moisture that is characterized by very exacting limits: a reference to certain organisms; especially, plants.
Organisms adaptable to a narrow variation in atmospheric humidity.
A narrow range of ecologic conditions that can be tolerated by a particular species.
stenolumic (adjective), more stenolumic, most stenolumic
Pertaining to the existence of a narrow range of luminous intensities: Underwater microbes are more stenolumic than most fish and they quickly die when exposed to strong light.
stenomorph, stenomorphic
1. Dwarfed.
2. Smaller than a typical form, as a result of a cramped habitat.
Having a very small (narrow) thorax.