steato-, steat- +

(Greek: fat; suet, tallow)

steatorrhea (s) (noun), steatorrheas (pl)
A large amount of fat in the feces: Steatorrhea is due to the failure to digest and absorb fat. The feces are foul smelling, frothy, and floating.

One symptom of steatorrhea is a chronic fatty diarrhea caused by an abnormal digestion and intestinal absorption of fats. Another symptom might be the malabsorption syndrome.

steatosis (s) (noun), steatoses (pl)
An unusual retention of lipids by a cell or organ; fatty degeneration; steatopathia: Steatosis is an accumulation of fat in the interstitial (small openings, gaps, or cracks) tissue of an organ.

Steatosis normally affects the liver, known as the "fatty liver" disease. Steatosis can also affect the heart, the kidneys, and the muscles.

Steatosis can lead to impairment of tissues and decreased functioning of the damaged organ.

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