stato-, stat-, sta-, -static, -stasi, staso-, -stasis, -stasia, -stacy, -stitute, -stitution, -sist

(Latin: standing, to stay, to make firm, fixed; cause to stand, to put, to place, to put in place, to remain in place; to stand still)

1. Advocating the principle of an established church; characteristic of those who advocate this principle.
2. One who adheres to or favors a church for the reason that it is established.
3. One who supports the principle of an "Establishment" or an "Established Church". Also, an adherent of the "Established Church" (usually a reference to the Church of England).
existential (adjective), more existential, most existential
Relating to human existence and experiences: The existential threat of climate change has given rise to many bad environmental conditions.
existentialism (s) (noun), existentialisms (pl)
existentialist (s) (noun), existentialists (pl)
extant (adjective), more extant, most extant
Relating to something that is still currently existing and not having disappeared: In her inheritance, Becky found some extant diaries and journals written by her grandfather dating back to 1888!
Pertaining to still being in existence.
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frigostable (adjective)
Resistant to cold or low temperatures.
Inhibition of fungal growth.
A chemical that keeps fungi from growing.
Someone who specializes in the field of geodesy or the branch of geology that studies the shape of the earth and the determination of the exact position of geographical points.

Related word families intertwined with "to place, placing, to put; to add; to stay; to attach" word units: fix-; pon-; prosth-; the-, thes-.