spheno-, sphen-

(Greek: a wedge; the sphenoid bone, a wedge-shaped bone found at the base of the skull)

acanthosphenote (adjective), acanthosphenote, most acanthosphenote
Concerning a spine that is comprised of compact or firm wedges: The acanthosphenote segments of the marine coelomate animals are kept apart from each other by porous tissues.
The wing-like portion of the sphenoid forming part of the cranium.

Also: ala temporalis.

A reference to the orbit and the sphenoid bone.
sphenography, sphenograph, sphenographic
The art of writing and deciphering cuneiform characters.
temporosphenoid, sphenotemporal
Referring to the sphenoid (wedge-shaped) and the temporal bones.

The os sphenoidale refers to an irregular bone occupying the central position in the base of the skull in front of the temporal bones.

zygomaticosphenoid (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to the zygoma and the butterfly-shaped sphenoid bone at the base of the skull: In her biology book, Ruth saw a drawing of the zygomaticosphenoid parts of the head structure and noticed a fissure between the two sections.