sopho-, soph-, sophic, -soph, -sopher, -sophy [-osophy] -sophical, -sophically, -sophist

(Greek: wise, wisdom; knowledge)

theosophist (s) (noun), theosophists (pl)
A person who studies the various religious systems claiming to be based on or to express an intuitive insight into the divine nature: A theosophist strives to learn more about the various religious beliefs that are based on the mystical insight of an individual into divinity, arising from spiritual perceptions and meditations.
theosophy (s) (noun), theosophies (pl)
Various religious systems that propose to establish a direct and mysterious contact with God through revelation: Theosophies include any of several systems of religious understanding that aim at a direct knowledge of God by means of spiritual joy and contemplation or meditation.
unsophisticated (adjective), more unsophisticated, most unsophisticated
1. Relating to not knowing much about things; such as art, literature, and music which educated people are usually interested in seeing or using.
2. Describing simple tools and other equipment which are not advanced for use by skilled workers.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "know, knowledge; learn, learning": cogni-; discip-; gno-; histor-; intellect-; learn, know; math-; sap-; sci-.