sono-, son-, sona-, -sonous, -sonic, -sonically

(Latin: sound, that which is heard; noise)

magnisonant (adjective); more magnisonant, most magnisonant
Regarding a person's behavior to be great, important, or arrogant: Mary's great aunt behaved in a very highfalutin or magnisonant way when she was invited to eat at an acquaintance's home and she said that she only dined in restaurants with five stars!
1. A phenomenon which occurs when two objects naturally vibrate at the same frequency.

An example can be demonstrated when two tuning forks that are tuned to the same frequency are held close to each other and one is struck, then the other one will begin to vibrate.

Acoustic resonances exist in the human body, in which the structures of the head and throat give the voice its tone.

2. A quality which makes something personally meaningful or important to other people: "The story that the speaker presented had a great deal of resonance with the audience."
1. Producing a loud, clear, deep sound: "The resonant church bell could be heard several blocks away."
2. Strongly affecting someone; especially, with a particular quality: "Her speech was resonant with meaning and understanding of the situation."
Characterized by reverberation or a sound that is repeated many times as it hits two opposite surfaces; so that it makes a place seem to shake: "He has a deep, resonant voice."
resonate, resonates, resonating, resonated (verb forms)
1. To produce or to be filled with a deep clear sound that continues for a long time: "The siren resonated throughout the city for over three minutes."
2. To produce an emotional effect on someone or to have a particular meaning or importance for another person: "His speech resonated with the voters."
1. An instrument which is used to make something louder; such as, a musical instrument.
2. A device or part that produces sound or microwaves.
3. To maximize or to minimize the amplitude or other characteristic of a quantity.
1. A system which uses underwater sound waves to determine the location of objects and for navigation and communications.
2. Acronym for sound navigation and ranging.
1. Having to do with or caused by the property of sound.
2. Involving speeds at or above the speed of sound.

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