sinistro-, sinistr-

(Latin: left, on the left side; at, toward, or using the left; left-handed)

The ease and skill in physical movement; especially, in using both hands and manipulating objects with equal agility with either hand.
Going or directed from the left to the right.
Using either hand with equal agility or ease.
sinistrogyrate, sinistrogyrating, sinistrogyric
1. Turning or moving to left.
2. A circular movement to the left.
sinistrogyration (s) (noun), sinistrogyrations pl)
A turning or twisting to the left.
sinistromanual (adjective), more sinistromanual, most sinistromanual
A reference to having the left hand or arm stronger and more skillful in physical movements: After falling down on the ice, Jenifer could only wiggle her right fingers because the rest of her right extremity was in a cast, making it necessary for her to perform sinistromanual activities.
sinistro-ocular, sinistrocular
1. Using the left eye habitually or more effectively than the right eye.
2. Someone who prefers the left eye in monocular work; such as, in the use of a microscope.
Denoting someone who uses the left leg in preference to the right; left-footed.
sinistrophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An irrational dread of things on the left side: Sinistrophobia includes an apprehension of items located opposite the right side or of left-handedness, and the symptoms can comprise irregular heartbeat, sweating, nausea, dry mouth, and shaking.
A latent tendency for the non-fixing eye to turn to the left.
A turning or twisting to the left.
1. Twisting or coiling counterclockwise.
2. A reference to or a description of plants growing growing upward in a spiral that turns from right to left; such as, a sinistrorse vine.
Rising spirally in a counterclockwise direction; such as the stem of a plant.
sinistrotorsion (s) (noun), sinistrotorsions (pl)
1. A twisting or turning toward the left.
2. Rotary eye movements to the left, with reference to the 12 o'clock position.
1. Being on the left side; inclined to the left; sinistral.
2. Awkward, clumsy, unskilled.
3. Wrong; absurd; perverse; sinister; inauspicious.

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