(Latin: mark, token, indication; a fact, a condition, or a quality)

assign (verb), assigns; assigned; assigning
1. To give someone a job to do or to give someone a task to complete: Mrs. Smart, the teacher, assigned some homework for the students to do after returning home from school.
2. To send someone to work in a particular place or with a particular group of people: The firefighters were assigned to be at the industrial section of the city.
3. To determine that someone or something has a particular quality, name, use, or category: He was assigned a high employee rating based on his high attendance on the job.
4. To put a soldier, military unit, or military material under a particular command or duty: The army garrison and equipment was allocated, or assigned, from the temporary location to another long-term and secure place.
assignable (adjective), more assignable, most assignable
1. Capable of something being appointed or allotted: The new houses were assignable to the company's employees who were looking for a place to live close to their jobs.
2. The capacity of something being specified or designated: The assignable reason for Tom's absence was expressed in his letter to the principal of the school.
assignably (adverb), more assignably, most assignably
1. Referring to how something is allocated: The hotel rooms were assignably reserved for the visiting teachers from Tuesday to Wednesday.
2. Concerning how a project or undertaking is given as a task: The homework was to be completed assignably by the students in Mrs. Smart's class.
3. Describing how an object, a fact, a feature is designated or named: Any day in the week can be assignably specified for the board meeting.
assignation (s) (noun), assignations (pl)
assignee (s) (noun), assignees (pl)
assigner (s) (noun), assigners (pl)
assignment (s) (noun), assignments (pl)
aural signal (s) (noun), aural signals (pl)
1. Any sound that can be identified by listening to its acoustic characteristics; such as, pitch, beats, etc.
2. The audio portion of a television signal.
consign (verb), consigns; consigned; consigning
To deliver something to a person's custody, typically in order for it to be sold: Margaret consigned her artistic paintings to the local art gallery.
To deliver into the care of other people in order to sell something.
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