(Latin: mark, token, indication; a fact, a condition, or a quality)

assign (verb), assigns; assigned; assigning
1. To give someone a job to do or to assign someone with a task to complete.
2. To send someone to work in a particular place or with a particular group of people.
3. To determine that someone or something has a particular quality, name, use, or category: "He was assigned a high employee rating based on his high attendance on the job."
4. To put a soldier or military unit under a particular command or assignment of duty.
5. To designate a value for a computer memory location corresponding to a named variable.
assignable (adjective), more assignable, most assignable
assignably (adverb), more assignably, most assignably
assignation (s) (noun), assignations (pl)
assignee (s) (noun), assignees (pl)
assigner (s) (noun), assigners (pl)
assignment (s) (noun), assignments (pl)
aural signal (s) (noun), aural signals (pl)
1. Any sound that can be identified by listening to its acoustic characteristics; such as, pitch, beats, etc.
2. The audio portion of a television signal.
consign (verb), consigns; consigned; consigning
To deliver something to a person's custody, typically in order for it to be sold: Margaret consigned her artistic paintings to the local art gallery.
To deliver into the care of other people in order to sell something.
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