set-, seto-, seti- +

(Latin: bristle [short stiff hair on an animal or plant, or a mass of short stiff hairs growing; especially, on a hog's back or a man's face])

Having two bristles.
seta (s), setae (pl)
1. A bristle-like structure.
2. A hair, bristle, or scale of insects.
1. Having or covered with protective barbs, quills, spines, thorns, or setae, etc.
2. Bristle-like; bristle-shaped; having bristles; such as, a setaceous moth.
3. Resembling bristles or a bristle: "So many men these days appear with setaceous whiskers."
setiferous, setigerous
1. Producing, or having one or more, bristles.
2. A description of an organism that has bristles or projections that resemble bristles.
3. Bearing bristles; covered with bristles.
1. Shaped like a seta or bristle.
2. Bristle-shaped; setaceous.
Producing setae or bristles.
Birds with beak bristles.
Covered with setae or bristles; bristly.
Thickly set with bristles or bristly hairs.